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Andrews & Associates Law Office comprises of competent and passionate staff. We provide legal services in more than one area of law because most individuals that come to us for legal assistance have multiple legal matters in different areas of law. Considering the frustration individuals with multiple legal matters face in searching for different attorneys to handle their cases, our law firm saw the need to expand our practice areas.

We provide help for simple and complex legal matters and make legal services more convenient, accessible, and affordable.  We value our clients and treat them with respect. Each case is unique to us regardless of its complexity. Therefore, we customize our services to meet each client’s objectives, goals and expectations within the limits permitted by law.  Our experienced and dedicated attorneys provide seasoned counsel, advocacy and guidance through the complex, frustrating and emotional experience of your legal tussle.

Our Mission

The mission of Andrews and Associates, PLLC is to enable our clients reach constructive long-term outcomes in their simple or complex legal matters by providing high quality services that are personalized to meet each client’s need. We are passionate about helping our clients in resolving their legal matters.

Stella Andrews, Esq. RN, BSN, JD

LEGAL LIONESS, Managing Attorney.

Fun Facts

About the Managing Attorney

Stella Andrews is an Attorney and an RN. As both a nurse and a lawyer, Mrs. Andrews is very competent in analyzing and litigating personal injury claims. Mrs. Andrews is highly experienced in U.S immigration law. As an immigrant, she understands your need to legally reside in the U.S, and make your American dream come true. Mrs. Andrews is passionate about handling family matters, domestic violence, TROs, child support, and custody battles. She also handles criminal matters. She believes that an accused is innocent until proven guilty. You can trust her in fighting and defending your freedom. At our Law Office, your satisfaction is our TOP priority! Please contact us for all your legal matters. Get the right legal representation you desire and deserve NOW! Do Not Delay! SPANISH speaking staff available.

Fun Facts

Why Choose Us

We care more about your rights and not driven by the financial income from your case. We take your case personal and very seriously. We understand that legal fees could be challenging for some clients. However, we are willing to work with you to ensure that your financial constraints would not be a hinderance for you to obtain legal services. Our services are not limited to only those who can conveniently afford legal fees. We have different ways to make legal services affordable to you. We are very committed in handling our clients’ cases. Most importantly, we are ethical and transparent. We take pride in what we do. Our main priority is to ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied with our representation. Our reviews and attorney peer endorsements prove it!

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